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Anti CelluliteTreatment:

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There is no conclusive cure for cellulite. Many therapies that have been suggested to remove cellulite, but none have been supported in the scientific or medical literature.
However, there are techniques such as anti-cellulite massage that can help reduce or eliminate cellulite when paired with proper nutrition and exercise. Anti -cellulite massages are a popular way to get rid of cellulite on the thighs and legs. While they provide the relaxation of regular massages, anti-cellulite massages use different techniques to attempt to loosen the fatty tissue under the skin and visibly smooth out the surface of the skin.

Anti-Cellulite Massagecellulite massage

An invigorating massage treatment can prove helpful because the fat cells subcutaneous mass pushes against connective tissues beneath the skin. Massaging enhances blood circulation, increases the entry of oxygen into the body and eliminates toxins and fluid. It relaxes and stretches connective tissues, tones the skin and helps breaks down fatty deposits that cause the appearance of cellulite.

The massage is carried out with a blend of  Ivy oil and Birch oil to maximise its effectiveness.

After treatment, the skin will appear firmer and smoother and the appearance of cellulite will be greatly improved.

 Hedera helixHedera Helix—Ivy Oil
This oil is the basic constituent of most anti-cellulite and firming cosmetic preparations. It has significant anti-inflammatory, vascoconstrictive and cleansing properties. Simultaneous with birch oil for localized massage increases it’s efficiency.


Betula Alba—Birch Oil Betula alba
Produced from young birch leaves and traditionally used to prevent and fight cellulite, flabbiness and localized fat. Restores skin elasticity, moisture and tone to normal levels. Simultaneous with ivy oil for localized massage increases it’s efficiency.